Fun Fridays: Radioctivity is Fun!

Well, actually, it probably isn't. Still, oddly enough, it's what I thought when I saw this darling little green-faced sheep peeking out at me from the window of Holly's Designs. Aren't these sheep earrings darling and perfect for Fun Friday?

As you can see, the radioactivity (or overdose on clover or key limes) hasn't had too much of an ill effect on this pair; not only are their cute faces a modern and individualistic shade of green (compared to the rest of the flock), they are now fully sensient sheep, as you can see in the photo of them peering at the ruler. Obviously, they know what's going on. I'm not sure these two can or will help you with that work assignment or the report your boss asked you for at three minutes to five on a Friday, but doubtless they will offer moral support. Just look at those faces! Full of empathy.

At just $12, this is an inexpensive and unexpected addition to your accessory collection. Made of lampwork beads and accented with olivine czech crystals, these earrings hang from your lobes on sterling silver wire. Personally, I just enjoy thinking about the reactions of people who realize you have wool-bearing mammals dangling from your ears. No doubt it would certainly startle a few folks, but that's what makes them fun, right?

Holly's shop has all sorts of whimsical earrings like these, including spotted chickens, penguins, and ladybugs as well as very pretty, classy, and chic jewelry. Many of the colours in her shop at the moment are very bright and summery, making them perfect to snag before you head out for vacations and barbeques. Enjoy your shopping, and have a great weekend!

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Blogger rhembein said...

Sheep earrings! What a a cute bit of fun!


Blogger Jen said...

LOL! That's true, Gyl...I should have known you, in particular, would like these!

Maybe now we need radioactive bald eagles? ;)

Blogger Bejeweled said...

These are so fun! Love the green color :)

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