Flowers In Her Hair...Flowers Everywhere
Sorry this is quite late, but my dear mother-in-law was in town from Cinci today. We enjoyed a nice dinner with her and then she helped me figure out the hem on a dress I'm making - turns out the pattern has screwy directions, resulting in screwy pattern pieces, but it's easily fixed so no worries! She's a wonderful lady and I'm quite blessed to have a normal mom and a normal mother-in-law; my husband actually insists that his parents like me better than they do him.

With spring not only come flowers and warm weather - it means the hair frizzes are making their rapid advance. Here in Pittsburgh, it's 80 degrees and a bit humid, and I'm sure some ladies are already cursing the muggy air for what it does to their locks. Fortunately, there are many options for clipping those frizzy locks away to prevent your becoming frazzled: headbands, chopsticks (I use them to put my thick hair up into a French twist), ponytailers, and of course barettes.

Hair flowers - typically silk flowers glued onto an alligator clip - are gaining favour as well, not only because of the glam factor but possibly because they're a throwback to the 30s, 40s, and 50s, ages always considered to be a little more glamourous and sartorially sane. I'm sure that from the time the first woman decided to tuck a fallen bloom behind her ear, flowers have been a beloved hair accessory - indeed, some would argue a far better thing to bedeck one's locks with than jewels.

Clips like these pink lemonade cuties from gemmielou have gained a lot of popularity in recent years, probably due to the popularity of stick-straight and layered cuts. It's easy to swipe those rebellious locks away from your face and create some semblance of mane order no matter what your hair decides it is going to do. Gemmielou has quite a few available at her shop, all cheerily couloured and featuring a delicate, pretty flower on their face. Handmade, they're only $12 a pair and far more chic than the plain turtle-coloured ones at your local stores. The felt covering means your hair won't snag or get caught in the snap clip, and best of all, you'll have a sweet little flower or two in your hair. There's a variety of colours and they're the perfect treat for a friend, Mom, or yourself!



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