...And daisy-stars, whose firmament is green...

...or in this case, aqua and on your pretty hand!

The perfect accessory for this spring and all of summer, this daisy-bedecked aqua dreams ring gives you four times the flowers for your $16. Jen of Sprout Studios (honest to goodness, she doesn't pay me off, I just think her stuff is totally fab) has topped a swirly aqua-turquoise vintage button with three tiny, happy, pretty white daisies for your delectation and enjoyment. This ring - like all her others - is adjustable for your own hand.

Rings are one of my favourite accessories, especially fun ones like these. Diamonds are nice, but this is so sweet and fun, as are all such rings. Besides, while diamonds can inspire envy for whatever reason, a ring like this is bound to not just make you happy, but cheer up others as well. Especially since these are far less expensive and it's not a treat for yourself or a buddy that'll break the bank.

Jen has some of the most fun earrings you'll find, and some really charming stationery, necklaces, lovely ceramics and other goodies. Enjoy your browsing!

(Please...don't blame me if you do break the bank shopping there. Thanks.)



Blogger Bejeweled said...

Doesn't Sprout Studios have some really cute Spring things? I love the little bird earrings she has right now.

Blogger Jen said...

Oh, they're so cute. I really do think Jen's earrings are some of the best.

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