Deux Beauty

The elegant simplicity of this necklace is just timeless. A robin's egg blue circle sits lightly atop a slightly larger white circle, the pair warmed by the hint of gold the latter bears. Hanging off a sterling silver chain, this necklace is such a pretty, pretty piece, a classic, something bound to become a favourite of yours (or whoever you choose to give it to). This might sound strange, but this $35 necklace and pendant just make me feel...serene. Doesn't it just exude peacefulness? I'm not sure why; perhaps it's the simplicity of two circles combined in such soothing colours. What a lovely piece of jewelry - and it's custom made per order, just for you!

The artist, San Jose resident Andrea, has made the enameled discs out of powdered glass enamel featured in her kiln - which reaches temperatures of over 1,500 degrees to make ensure the pieces melt and come out with a smooth surface, before she counter-enamels the reverse side of all her pendants to ensure they are strong enough for regular wear. The Deux necklace is, unsurprisingly, her best seller, but if you're anything like me, you'll browse through her site and find you like just about everything. Her work is beautiful, whether it's pendants, earrings, bracelets, or rings (be sure to check this beauty out as well). The other interesting thing is...well, I just really enjoy looking at her online store, Dreams and Jewelry. It's a peaceful, aesthetically enjoyable experience, something that's difficult to find online. She deserves a commendation for fine website design nearly as much as she does her beautiful jewelry!

If you ask me, Andrea is definitely an up-and-coming artist whose style is top-notch, being classic and fresh all at once. You will truly enjoy browsing her shop, I can almost guarantee it! And don't forget to scope out her sale section, too.



Blogger Anything said...

Wow, I'm honored! Tat's the nicest review that I've ever been given and I'm thankful for it. ;-)

Blogger Jen said...

Aw, you are very welcome. :) Your work really is gorgeous, and it was such fun to look at.

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