Fun Friday: Why Don't You Just Go Join The Circus?

Now, I knew it would be quite hard to top cute-faced radioactive sheep earrings this Friday. But while today's pick may not have the crazy fun factor of sheep with green faces, it is definitely fun and cute, and I think you'll like it. This absolutely adorable, whimsical join the circus linen bag stars a ballerina kitty swinging across your bag, with the words "join the circus" embroidered onto the natural linen. The interior is lined with bright red polka-dotted cotton. Kitty and her tutu have been machine appliqued, and I really like the 3-D bits of the bag: the beads, the swing, the button 'tag', and the cat herself (of course).

From Syko's Shop in Finland, this bag is going to last you a long, long, time - and give you a reason to smile every time you pick it up. At 14.5 inches wide and 12.5 inches tall with a four-inch-wide cardboard-reinforced bottom, this has plenty of room for your daily necessities as well as a book or two, your camera or knitting (possibly both!), an umbrella, a bottle of water and some fruit, even diapers for your crumb-cruncher. Artist Kasja has added a keyring to the side to hold your car and house keys, and the $75, one-of-a-kind bag closes with a good, old-fashioned snap up top.

In addition to the sheer cuteness and fun of this bag, I like the way she's constructed it, particularly the gathers around the front. It adds that extra element of style and thoughtfulness evident in all Kasja's work. In addition to bags, she makes art quilts of various sizes as well as cushion covers, potholders, and little zipper pouches for your accessories.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's Preakness and Sunday's Red Wings game, which means I'll be watching way too much TV for a spring weekend, but...hey, these things only come around once a year, right?

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