Wouldn't It Be Loverly...

...to wear this beautiful, delicately coloured cherry ripe bracelet on your wrist?

From the talented hands and eye of Beakee we have this tempting bracelet, which features a single carved agate bead graced by faceted barrels of cherry quartz and sterling silver Indian spacers. A single snow quartz dangles from the chain end of the sterling silver clasp. The quality and beauty of Beakee's work made choosing something very difficult, but I kept going back to this beauty, so here it is!

While I love bright, cheerful colours, there's something equally wonderful about well-matched delicate colours like this. Bright tones are of course energizing, invigorationg, and mood lifting, but there are days when we're not in the mood for that. Still, very few people really like the starkness of all-white, and as creatures that are largely visual, we appreciate colour even when we don't want it screaming at us, "Yes! I am green! GREEN in all my glory! Just look at me!" No, there are days when we prefer the soothing, muted versions of our favourite colours. Everything has its place and time, right? This bracelet is a perfect example of muted colours working beautifully together. Best of all, since the colours of the beads are a little more neutral than their bolder cousins, it means this bracelet is going to match more of your wardrobe, and will compliment your outfit instead of draw attention to itself.

For just $38, you can add this sweet beauty to your wardrobe. Artist Jasmin says that she believes in "simple but elegant accessories that you can wear season after season", and she seems more interested in responding to and creating beauty instead of chasing after trends - my kind of lady! She uses a lot of semiprecious gems and natural stone, probably my favourite medium for accessories right along with wood. There's something about wearing these pieces that gives one a 'grounded' feeling and is oddly calming - wearing a little creation by someone inspired by the beauty of creation, perhaps? Regardless, Jasmin has a lot of really beautiful (and a few whimsical) pieces in her shop, all lovely and several downright drool-worthy. Earrings, bracelets and more: they're all there, and I think you'll enjoy perusing her lovely work.



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