Fun Friday: Crabby Can Be Fun Sometimes

Aren't these seaside fun earrings adorable? I think they're great fun. Featuring miniature combs that look like crabs topped off with pretty orange bows suspended from gold earwires, these are actually the cutest crabs I think I've ever seen. Perfect for a fish fry, a summer party, or Friday at the office, they're a mere $5 for something that fits perfectly into the definition of "whimsical". (I don't recommend wearing them to taunt others about your forthcoming beach vacation, because that is not ony immodest, it's downright cruel.) From Modify. She has a lot of really cute, bright goodies at her shop, many with a retro flair.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend. Please remember why we have an extra day off; in fact, Monday at 3PM is the National Moment of Rememberance, a moment of silence for one minute to honour those who've paid the highest price so we can live in liberty and freedom. Thank a Veteran, maybe buy him or her a cup of coffee or lunch (note: you have to pay for it before they know what you're doing, because our men and women in uniform are too polite to let you get away with it by asking or floating a $20 over the table). Help decorate the graves of vets with American flags in your local cemetery, or greet returning soldiers at a ship's homecoming or your local airport.

If you'd like to go a step further, you can make a donation to the Fisher House, Homes For Our Troops, or the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund.

Have a wonderful weekend! See you Tuesday.

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