The Colour Purple

Is this an alluring tee or what? The front is graced by daylilies and the back by butterflies, hand-silkscreened onto this succulently plum-coloured cotton tee. Perfect for casual or dressier wear, this is one top you'll be certain to pack for all your trips this summer and maybe even into the fall - with its little cap sleeves, this one is easily topped off with a jacket during cool evenings and cooler months.

Now, I'm staring at this $27 tee, and honestly, I'm not sure about the neckline - it's so hard to tell sometimes, and I almost didn't feature it because of that. Still, if it's too low, you can wear a camisole underneath or do my favourite new thing for tops that are too-low cut: buy some nice ribbon in a suitable colour and sew it on. Works like a dream and adds a little more luxe if you're using satin or velvet (not sure I recommend velvet anything for summer, though).

I think my favourite thing about this top is the deep, rich purple. It's not cloying purple or fairy-tale purple, it's a flattering grown-up purple. The butterflies on back add just a hint of playfulness and lightness, though, so you won't intimidate everyone in the room (purple, particularly in its deeper tones, tends to be associated with royalty, wealth, and sophistication).

This one is available in small, medium, large and extra large, so don't be shy! Available from The Stevester, who has a really wide selection of tee styles, from Peacocks to Johnny Depp.

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