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Remember back in the good old days, when we were told cellphones would make our lives easier and less complicated? Right. No, it now means your boss feels it's perfectly all right to call you back into the office during dinner or phone in a request for a report due at 9AM just as you and your dearest are settling in to enjoy a good book or movie. Isn't it wonderful?

Joking aside, cellphones are almost a must-have these days; in fact, Hubby and I only use our cell phones, eschewing land lines in favor of the less expensive and obviously more mobile cells. They have their drawbacks, but it's also really nice to be able to call our favourite sushi place to make reservations for that evening while we're out running around, and personally, I feel an additional sense of security having my cellphone in my purse while I'm out and about. Still, it can be irritating when someone calls and I have to hurriedly rummage through my handbag (because I only put my phone in its pocket about half the time, of course) for my cellphone.

Thankfully, super-famous Rina of Three Green Apples has solved the problem of losing one's cellphone to the darkest, more fearsome regions of our purses by creating a bunch of terrific little zPouches, like this one, the Mon Amour. Made of a swanky-sweet brushed cotton Australian fabric, the pouch is 5 X 3.5 x 1.75, perfect for holding your cellphone and probably even a lipstick or lipbalm or a few mints. It attaches to your keychain (yay!) or even the tooling on your purse via a little silver key fob. Rina sews everything to be durable as well as chic, and all the zPouches zip shut to keep your valuable phone - because you know as well as I do that you barely remember anyone's phone number anymore, just like me - safely tucked away.

This fully lined zPouch is just $18, and worth every penny; Three Green Apples is well known among the crafting community and it's because Rina is serious about producing well-made things. In addition to these handy little treats, you'll find lovely handbags, wristlets and pouches of all sorts at her shop. She uses some of the prettiest and most whimsical fabrics one can imagine, so pop on over and enjoy your shopping!



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