Extra-Late Pretty

Sorry this is so late tonight, but Hubby suggested we go see the new Pirates of the Caribbean after supper, so we went, and I'm sad to say (semi-spoiler alert) they killed one of my favourite characters in the entire series, more likely than not because he was the only one with any actual honour in his character. Hubby was a little put off by this as well. Nevertheless, we really enjoyed the film, which has some truly spectacular visuals and, of course, not nearly enough Jack Sparrow. (Is there ever enough of the role Johnny Depp was born to play?)

At nearly four hours, you definitely get your $10 and true bang for your buck (quite a bit of 'bang', now that I think of it...). Honestly, other than that unnecessary death (can you tell I'm somewhat inexplicably bothered by this? Remember when Haldir was pointlessly killed off in Peter Jackson's mangling of The Lord of the Rings? Must be the same thing...), I think what will stick with me most are the gorgeous, fantastic vistas and scenes created for us by the technical wizards behind the scenes. Truly beautiful, truly fantastic stuff.

At any rate, we just returned home and it's quite past my bedtime. Tonight I share with you these two lovely and very unique necklaces; I couldn't choose between the two and will therefore feature them both. From Bellissima Jewelry Designs, we have Giselle, a necklace of red Japanese glass beads flanking a bone pendant sweetly carved into the likeness of a small bird alighting on a flowering branch. This $52 necklace is a piece created for the Nest, a collection that raises and uses money to help women entrepreneurs in developing countries create sustainable art- or craft-based businesses. The second featured piece is Wildflower; from a sterling silver chain hangs a coral-coloured flower pendant made of lucite, the bloom's green lucite leaf a few links up the chain off to the side. It's a very interesting piece, and only $35.

Both of these beautiful necklaces are available from Bellissima Jewelry Designs, where you'll find some really gorgeous work. I like the materials used by the artist, and think her work really is top-notch, the kind of thing you'd see in high-end boutiques and may well soon see adorning celebrities; she manages to get chic and classic without being hyper-trendy or boring (definitely NOT boring - each piece deserves a little ogling).

Have a great night - or day, as the case may be. No more long movies for us on weeknights - but it was well worth it.



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