Not So Buttoned-Up Hair Treats

Both of today's goodies are from Coo-Koo-Ri-Koo, and because of the adorableness of hair accessories, rings, and handbags, it was really difficult to choose! The first feature is the good day sunshine barrette, featuring both new and vintage buttons on a nickel barrette in a variety of cheerful (but coordinating, of course) yellows.

I'm also fond of the ocean city girl bobby pins - the green and teal flowery buttons are fixed onto nickel-plated bobbies and perfect for forcing rebellious hairs or bangs into obedience with a little style subtly hiding your cold determination to look good even if the air is humid and flyaways rampant.

There are far too many in my circle of friends and crafty acquaintances who really, really, really like buttons, and it is difficult to resist the perfectly molded cuteness in such a parade of colours, isn't it? Coo-Koo-Ri-Koo (and how fun is that name?) has a lot of these pretty hair duds as well as some really darling clutches, bags, totes, and of course button rings for your enjoyment. The barrette is just $7, and the pair of bobby pins is only $6; not only are these a fun treat for yourself, but they make great gifts too, I think. The bobbies would probably look cute pinned over a buttonhole, too (imagine that!) or tucked into a french twist for extra flair.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!



Anonymous shanalee hampton said...

thanks SOOOO much! i'm thrilled and honored to be featured...


p.s. coo-koo-ri-koo is what a russian rooster says! how great is that?

Blogger Jen said...

You're welcome! I didn't know that about Russian roosters...very cool!

Blogger Bejeweled said...

Lovely button jewelry!

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