Two-For-One Monday!
Wow. I had such fun browsing through Cherry Pie Vintage I couldn't just pick one treat for you, so there are two (and it was difficult to narrow it down to that, let me assure you). A skirt and a dress, and with the tops I've featured you should have no problem topping off the skirt by hitting a few of those stores, right?

First up is that delicious orange Tequila Sunrise Skirt. I am really a big fan of orange this year - as are many - but being a blonde, wearing it near my fair skin is a big no-no unless I want people to ask if I'm feeling all right before offering me some Pepto. Fortunately, there seems to be no shortage of citrus-coloured skirts out there, and this is my favourite. For a mere $27 (I know!), you can be wearing this cheerful, bright skirt featuring orange, pink, and red paisley framed by what she describes as a 'tomato red' band at the waist and hem. Each red strip is bedecked with a 'sunrise' applique with golden yellow topstitching. Pretty, isn't it? The colours you can add on top are pretty wide - red or orange of course, but white, pink, yellow, black (if you're really stumped), and maybe a warm khaki-coloured top (maybe, you'd have to see it in person).

This skirt fits a waist up to 31 inches, and again, is only $27. Not bad for a handmade skirt, right?

The other fabulous goodie I have for you today is this darling poppy halter dress. I love the summery combination of blues, reds, and greens on a white field, and the white piping accents at the waist are a perfect finishing touch. The neck has an adjustable button closure and invisible zip up the back, and the bodice is lined in white cotton. It's a darling dress and I just imagine one would feel quite happy while wearing it. The measurements are 36-39 bust, 32-34 ribcage and 30-32 waist. It's easily topped with a sweater or wrap for modesty in church (some do frown on bare shoulders) or when it's cool, but obviously looks terrific on its own. This $50 cutie has a wonderful retro feel to it, but is of a design that will always be fresh and modern.

Cherry Pie Vintage has several dresses and skirts, as well as super-cute (and very chic) retro-style aprons to wear at your next dinner party. She has a lot of cute things I think you'll like looking at, and they're a great, inexpensive way to add a few really cute items for the summer to your closet.

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