The Stuff of Legend

Isn't this gorgeous stretchy desert jasper bracelet stunning? Talk about the best of both worlds (okay, for me definitely, but I hope for some of you as well) - natural stone that looks like wood. I think I'm in Heaven. Goodness, God makes some of the coolest stuff, doesn't He? Literally something for everybody.

Jasper is a stone appreciated by mankind since nearly the beginning of time. We find mentions of it in Hebrew, Assyrian, Persian, Roman, Greek, and Latin literature. Used for interior decoration, bowls, spear and arrow heads, and of course jewelry, jasper has some interesting folklore surrounding it: in the fourth century, it was thought to bring rain. Poppy jasper is supposed to bring joy into one's life while opalite is thought to encourage sleep. Other legends suggested that the stone would drive away evil spirits and protect the wearer against snake and spider bites!

The name "jasper" means "spotted stone" and comes in many beautiful varieties and colours (always opaque, though), and is found all over the globe. You can find jasper in purple, red, brown, pink, green (particularly prized), yellow, blue, and even something interesting called "picture jasper", petrified or silicated mud that's been dropped or fallen into the gas pockets formed by molten lava; the superheating interesting and often landscape-like designs into the stone. It's an impure form of quartz, but I love the rich tones and colours of jasper.

This bracelet is made of polished desert jasper, which is such a beautiful summer stone and perfect for wearing as the weather warms up. It fits up to an 8" wrist - and it's only $5.75! There are several similar bracelets on sale in the Mia Bella shop, including a yummy-coloured Rhodonite bracelet for the same ridiculously good price. The bracelets are so classically stylish, and all of her designs are really beautiful (her earrings are especially nice) and well-done. The work looks to be top-notch, and I think any of her things would make great gifts...or treats.

Let's just say this: The temptations are many. And great.

In addition to beautiful bracelets, earrings, and necklaces, all made of gorgeous natural stones, Mia Bella Collection also offers pendants and focal beads, beading supplies, and all sorts of stones for you to use in your own projects...great, more temptation. Still, no matter if you are buying jewelry for yourself or as a gift or beads to make your own creations with, I think you'll enjoy looking at all of the beautiful things in Beth's shop, if only for the sheer variety of beauty.



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