Lovely Leaves

I'm feeling quite affectionately toward the fantabulous print on this Kayla bag from Zakiyaa. Whimsical white and brown dotty leaves dance across a mouthwatering shade of teal, and the bag is lined with a chocolate brown cotton with snappy white topstitching. (Snappy. Such a fun word, isn't it?) The bag shuts securely with a snap so all of your things are kept inside, safe and sound.

This handmade, $45 bag is not only so pretty it almost makes you want to take a test nibble, it's a really good-sized bag: 15" wide, 10" tall, with a really wide bottom so it sits nicely (take a look at the picture of the bag actually being carried for a better idea of its "real life size"). There's a pocket inside for small things like lip balms and cellphones. It's well-constructed, too, having been doubled with a sturdy canvas - not only will this bag last, it will hold its shape too.

This bag is pretty and feminine with a really modern shape, so you won't feel like you're schlepping even if it is holding not just your wallet, keys, and regular purse accoutrements, but when it's packed with a book, water bottle, sunblock, kid's toys, or whatever gets tossed inside. The artist says she would only make a bag she herself would be proud to carry around, and that's obvious because this one is so cute and chic. I really, really like Zakiyya's eye for style; the rest of her bags are equally lovely and modern, but they all have that aura of classic style about them as well.

Zakiyya, who hails from Pennsylvania, does custom work as well - but she is so good there is a waiting list! Still, I read several glowing reviews of her work in her profile and feedback, so if you have some pretty fabric you're not sure what to do with or a vintage piece you can't wear but hang onto for sentimental value, why not give her a try?

As I noted, all of her work is fun and looks to be beautifully done. Enjoy your browsing and have a great night.

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Anonymous zakiyaa said...

thank you so much for featuring my shop in your blog!

Anonymous Felicia said...

Very pretty!

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