Fun Friday: Waiting For Guffman? Or Just Like Pennies?

Fans of Christopher Guest's cheeky and very funny Waiting For Guffman probably remember the "Penny For Your Thoughts" vignette starring director Guest and actress Parker Posey. Especially the fact that neither actor had a penny at the end of the song, a part in the town's sesquicentennial celebration play "Red, White and Blaine". Very funny stuff. Unsurprisingly (especially since Hubby popped it into the DVD player last weekend), "Guffman" is exactly what I thought of when I saw this Penny For Your Thoughts Ring from Nina Gibson Designs.

"Penny For Your Thoughts" is stamped onto a sterling silver band, and the curved copper penny ("A bright/Copper penny...") has been soldered onto the band. You can have either the Lincoln Memorial or Honest Abe himself as the face for your ring (these are shown with the Memorial face-up); Nina has coated the inside of the penny itself with a clear laquer so your skin doesn't react to the copper. Green fingers are only for Halloween...and perhaps not even then.

You can even get a specific year, as long as it's prior to 1982, when the government started using zinc-coated copper for the pennies - they don't stand the heat as well as real copper pennies. Each $32 ring is handmade, and definitely a fun conversation piece!

Nina's shop offers some really lovely and fun handmade jewelry, as well as whimsical little treats like nickel garden markers.

Have a great weekend!

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