It's The Eye of The Tiger...

Just an FYI, rumor has it (actually, I heard it from Cat of Artsy) that Etsy is having some major functionality issues. Until they seem to be straightened out I'll try to focus on non-Etsy artists and treats for you. Oh, darn. ;)

Tonight I scoped out this exotic No Weak Link bracelet from Dallas creator and artist Julie Garland. The bracelet alternates between hammered sterling silver links and delectable, caramel-like tiger eye nuggets. The clasp is a prettily variegated sterling toggle, and the $42 handmade bracelet is 7.5 inches long.

I've always liked tiger's eye for its unique look and the variety of colours it comes in (also, I'm a big fan of tigers, so what, exactly, does this stone lack?). It's actually a form of quartz, and has a really silky look due to the way the light reflects off the fibrous bands that make up the stone. It's also a stone to which cameras do little justice, but in person it's a stunning, rich gem; the bands of chocolate, gold, copper, and blacks that make it up are a joy to behold. For the most part, the glasslike gem is mined in South Africa, China and Western Australia

Some suggest that it's good for your physical and spiritual health to wear tiger's eyes, probably stemming from the fact that it's quartz. Ancient Egyptians trusted the tiger eye to bring them good fortune and protect them, and may have looked at it as a representative of the sun (which they worshipped as their god). It showed up in the West in the late 19th century, and has been a classic ever since.

Yes, it's reminiscent of wood. I can't help it! Actually, I'm starting to think it's a problem....

Now, in addition to this bracelet, Julie sells earrings (check out theses and these cuties), necklaces, and of course other bracelets (I just really, really like this $38, many-coloured jasper bracelet, and not a wood-look stone on the whole thing, so there). It was quite difficult to choose just one thing!

Julie uses nearly all natural stones and has a really great eye for style and how to put things together. She used to work for a chain of top-notch jewelry stores, though, so it shouldn't be a surprise - talk about a pro, right? Her experience shows; everything is very elegant and stylish but not without personality and some pieces are definitely fun. Most pieces can actually be customized to your liking, and Julie is happy to send along larger pictures if you want a better view of the jewels. She sends your new jewelry in an organza gift bag to keep the gemstones safe and sound (and well-prepared for gift giving too).

Be sure to check out her sale goodies - there is some fabulous stuff there, and it's never too early to start Christmas shopping, you know.

It's been storming madly here tonight, so be careful wherever you are! I'm still waiting for Remington to venture back out here where the thunder might catch him. ;)



Blogger catbishop said...

Hey, Thanks for the mention but I need to clarify that Etsy's problems are only with searches, the customers can't find us if they don't know our shop already. So please please please keep featuring Etsy shops, we need you more than ever! There are no problems with buying or checkout or anything like that.

thanks again,

Blogger Jen said...

Oh, no, I'll keep featuring Etsy! I was going to give it a day or two until things got figured out; I didn't realize the issues were limited to search. No fears, I never intended to stop with Etsy artists. :)

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