Rich Like Butterscotch

When we went on our wedding anniversary trip to Kentucky, we stopped in at a charming antique pharmacy turned ice cream and fudge shoppe, The Kentucky Fudge Company. While there purchasing some souvenir fudge, we couldn't resist ordering what turned out to be a delicous banana split, made of ice cream from my hometown no less!

Excitingly for me, the shop offered real butterscotch topping. Butterscotch topping is one of my faves when it comes to ice cream, and it was delicious. So rich and tasty...mmmm....

*shakes out of reverie*

Suffice to say I really like butterscotch. Not as a caramel, really, or a candy, but the warm, gooey stuff spilling gloriously down the sides of some tasty ice cream. Yum.

So when I saw this butterscotch candy necklace made of vintage butterscotch-coloured candy beads I couldn't resist. The bronze chain is a vintage repro, and the golden clasp is the Chinese symbol for happiness. From Over the Top, the heavy vintage beads are separated by Swarovski crystal beads in two shades of topaz, amethyst, and orange. While she's not sure what the heavy beads are made from, I agree that it could be Bakelite or lucite beads, both fab vintage treats.

I really like the warm, smooth richness of these beads. It just looks so luxurious, doesn't it?

This is a one of a kind necklace, handmade by the artist, ships in a gift box ready for gift-giving to someone else or just nicely wrapped as a treat for yourself. It's only $30, and the warm colour of the beads should go with much of your summer and fall wardrobe, and they tend to mix nicely with jewel tones as well.

Have a great night!



Anonymous Felicia said...

Beautiful and tasty looking necklace!

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