It's A Bonanza!
Well, I am just so excited about some of the lovely goodies from Wildewear, I'm going to show you several! A big complaint I hear often is that it's just so difficult to find pretty, attractive clothing that's modest as well. So when I find someone providing said hard-to-find items, I like to - well, go a little crazy.

I really like the Summer Swing dress. The colours are perfect and mixed so prettily, the wrap style is universally flattering, and the black exposed seams add style and a really nice finishing touch. This particular dress is a small to medium (4-6), but as long as Wildewear's fabric stash for this one lasts, other sizes are available as well. It's cotton poly stretch, so it'll be comfy for summer wear, and I'd say it's probably suitable for most offices and is definitely cute and ladylike enough for church, and just about anything else you'd like to do this summer. It's $57 and hits just above the knee (maybe a little lower than that, based on the pictures).

Here tonight you see the Very Veronica dress/skirt. Now, I'm not really a *huge* fan of strapless items, because as we all know, they're a real, real pain to keep up in place where they belong. And if you can't keep the top where it belongs, very bad things can result. Still, this dress is too pretty not to feature, and since it's made of stretch cotton lycra, it can be worn as a skirt, too, after you fold or scrunch down the top. Versatility is a fine thing.

Of course, to help with the potential falling-down/creeping-down issues, you can always wear a chocolate cami beneath, or a sweater over the top of this dress. Unfortunately, it's hot out, and who wants to wear a sweater? There's fashion tape, of course, and if you're really concerned, perhaps sew on some chocolate straps or straps in the pretty green used to vine about the skirt (methinks chocolate would be best, though). The pretty, whimsical flower looks to be dancing on the skirt and is perfect for summer. Match this up with some beautiful turquoise or green jewelry and you're good to go! There are 3 of these in the Wildewear shop at $55 each; they all appear to be small to medium, but it can't hurt to email and ask about a different size if you think it's necessary.

There's also this lovely and prettily colourful Peaceful Penny dress, sizes 4-6 for $57. While this exact fabric layout isn't available anymore, it'll be close, and Wildewear will send you pictures of the new layout in a jiffy should you email and ask. The cotton poly stretch is a mix of black, white, and a green that pairs really nicely with the red-and-pink flower print. It hits just above the knee and has the slightest of cap sleeves with a nice V-neck.

How about this sweet Zen Mate Top? In pink and chocolate - still a pretty popular colour combo - it's a square neckline tank that's pretty enough for just about anything but still comfy and chic in a stretch poly lycra.
The waist detail is particularly attractive and very flattering. It's $40 and comes in size small to medium.

Everything from Wildewear is handmade. There are many other cute tops, skirts, and dresses at the shop, and everything has such a lovely, flowing look - be sure to check it out!

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Anonymous Rebecca said...

Hi Jen! Lovely blog. (I found you through MInTheGap.)

Funny thing. Someone else sent me the link to that very dress, the one on top, just today. Wonder if she found it here?

Anyway, nice to meet you - keep up the good work. (BTW, I'm linking to you in a post today.) :)

Blogger Jen said...

I'm glad you enjoy it!

Thanks for the link, too, can't wait to see it! :)

Blogger Mirre said...

I wished my wardrobe would look this good... such lovely items!

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