Fun Friday: Just Horsin' Around
All right. Y'all know I just love horses. It's one of those supposed little-girl things many of us just never outgrow, and there's nothing wrong with that. Somehow, though, the equine sports have fallen out of favour in our day and age (and we're worse off for it, if you ask me), and it can be difficult to find a fun and fashionable way to show that love for the horse.

But not anymore, dear ones! No, thanks to Blackbird Fashion, we can now share our love of the equine with the whole world by wearing one of these fun denim skirts with a bright, cheerful red horse applique. Hurrah!

This knee-length skirt is an A-line, a nearly universally flattering cut, and zips up the back. Since it's in denim, it'll look at home with a tee (oh, imagine the Independence Day possibilities!) or a silk cami, or a sweater in the cool months. Pair it with wedges, boots, mules, or just go barefoot (in appropriate places only, please). I just love this skirt! Even better, it comes in sizes from extra small (27" waist, 34" hip) to 2x (42" waist, 50" hips), so it's almost guaranteed it'll be available in your size. It makes me so happy when indie designers remember the need for larger sizes these days.

The horsey applique - the reason for all this excitement - is red felt, and he looks to be a fine-headed animal, if you ask me. The skirt is $45 and made with love by the hands of Californian Clarity Miller. She offers pirate- and flower-appliqued skirts, as well as hand-appliqued hoodies and tees (check out this adorable whale tee for only $22 - darling or what?).

Clarity's site is wonderful, and her products are adorable and fun - just what we need on a Friday, right? She's got great products and an obvious sense of humor, and I think you'll really enjoy her things - I've yet to ogle at her home decor section, but can't wait. I think you'll really like her store very much.

We're going house-hunting again tomorrow, as in "second walk-throughs of two houses we've seen before and liked". We just learned that one has had major flooding, so I'm thinking it might be out of the running, but we both really liked the second home quite a bit (hint: kitchen to kill for). (No, not literally!)

I hope you all have wonderful weather and a fabulous weekend!

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