'Tis my faith that every flower/Enjoys the air it breathes!
I have two very pretty treats for you tonight, and it's two because I (again) just couldn't decide between the comeliness. Additionally, tomorrow is going to be a rather strange day, and I'm not sure when or if I'll be able to post. We'll cross our fingers - if nothing else, the Hollywood Gold Cup is Saturday, and I can post then while floating on a cloud of horse-inspired happiness.

First up is this one-of-a-kind flower pin. The petals have been made of hand-blocked, recycled paper and then coated so they're very durable. Artist Tamar then took a really pretty vintage coral-coloured rose piece and centered it on the blossom, resulting in a really pleasing combination of colour, textures, and prints. The 2" pin is $15, and will look smashing on your tops, handbags, totes, jackets, or even in your hair or attached to the hem of a favourite skirt. Actually, you could probably even string the pin part on a chain and wear it as a dainty, winsome pendant. $15 is a deal!

Tamar has many more flower pins, all lovely and whimsical; I'm sure there's one among the boquet you'll like.

Our other goodie tonight is this gigantic tote, also from Tamar's shop. Just look at the scrumptious, mouthwatering, vibrant colours! Pink, orange, yellow, turquoise, green on reinforced cotton - so perfect for summer. The interior has a sweet striped lining in heavy cotton, so this bag will be quite durable and entirely able to stand up to all of your needs all summer long and beyond.

Not only is the bag pretty, it's practical (ahhhh, the beauty of capitalism). There is a big split pocket on each side of the exterior, not to mention a long, deep pocket on each end-side of the tote, good for phones, water, pens (I can't be the only one eternally digging at the bottom of her bag for a pen, can I?), chopsticks for your hair... The interior has three more pockets, so unlike most totes, you'll definitely be able to keep all the small things in their own place without having to call out the dogs to search for a ponytail holder or lip balm.

This bag really is huge - 21" x 15.5", with 19" straps. It's looks to be about four or five inches wide, but I'm not sure on that one. I really like the soft, curved edges of this $50 bag; it looks more feminine and sweet than your typical tote bag. As Tamar notes, this tote is big enough to be a diaper bag or to carry everyone's goodies to the beach with you. I think it's a pretty good buy, all things considered.

Both items are available from Tamar's shop, Nest Pretty Things and VeryFairy, where you'll also find home decor, greeting cards, and of course more flower pins and great summer bags and accessories pouches. She has a very feminine, graceful sense of style that I really like. The wreaths she makes are quite charming and fanciful, too. Everything in her store is...well, romantic. I don't know any other way to say it, but it's definitely a good thing.

By the way, if you're curious, the title line is courtesy of William Wordsworth. :)

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Anonymous Felicia said...

I adore both these treasures!

Blogger Bejeweled said...

The flower pin is really cute. You can never have too many pins - they are so versatile for accessorizing.

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