Pretty In Green

Whew! Today ended up being a bit more hectic than even I expected, but take a quick break with me to check out this lovely moss agate pendant on a beaded necklace from BeadCharmed By Misty. For a mere $23, you get a really lovely moss agate pendant nestled into a sterling silver frame, all gracing a beautifully beaded necklace that features lively moss agate beads and hat look like glass peridot-coloured stones that complement the pendant quite nicely.

Y'all know I can't resist a beautiful green piece of jewelry, right?

I hope everyone had a great Independence Day and a wonderful weekend; we were able to visit with family and take a really nice trip back via old US Route 22 - a very pleasant and enjoyable change from the usual boring, flat slab of the interstate we usually take. I got quite a bit of photography done (we're talking four 1GB+ cards over a 5-day period), but it was honestly just wonderful to drive down one of America's main streets. US 22, which also happens to be US 40 in some spots. is also known as the William Penn Highway and the National Road, and it's a wide, two-lane swath of highway that goes through some charming small, all-American towns, lush forested glens and hills, and of course our rich American farmland. We even met some really interesting people on our way back. Can't do that on I-75, can you?

We've been planning a trip west from Chicago to LA via Route 66, and thought it would be fun to take more US and state routes, and we were not disappointed one bit; if you are as tired of the obnoxiously boring interstate as I was, the state routes are worth a shot! They may take a little longer, but theyr'e certainly worth it, if only for the fact that it's a calmer, less stressful, very enjoyable drive. You'll arrive wherever you're going unharried and with a richer mind's eye view of America. :)



Blogger Bejeweled said...

Glad you had a lovely Independence Day weekend! I agree ... State routes can be so very charming and full of interesting little shops and roadside attractions.

Wonderful finds, as always!

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