Decidedly Pretty

As you know, there are some nights when I just can't restrain myself, and thus force upon you more than one item.

Shameful? You know it.

Yet still, you visit....

Tonight is such a night, as I'm featuring lovely things from Deciduous Soul. I just couldn't help it!

First up is a charming little piece of wearable art in the form of the Little House on the French Countryside pendant necklace. A magical scene collaged and glazed onto a Scrabble tile, this one features a red-doored home (all who love red doors, say "Aye!") peacefully enjoying the shade of a pink polka-dotted and flowery tree. The aqua and green countryside is a cheerful background that highlights the other colours, and no, I won't tell if you secretly imagine yourself enjoying a lemonade in front of said little house during really rotten days. The pendant is strung from a sheer cream ribbon via a handmade silver clasp. For $15.99, you get a lovingly created piece of handmade art you can wear all you want!

The other irresistibly cute item is this handmade Madeline summer hat, perfect for prettily protecting your beautiful skin from the evil rays of the sun (no, really) while keeping the sun out of your eyes so you can enjoy the beach, ball game, barbeque, or Buick show (hey, I was on a roll with the B's) in style. The cotton print is what really caught my eye, but check out the sunny, adorable rickrack trim and smattering of colourful buttons on the brim! How cute is that?

Designer Ellene came up with her design for this darling hat after 2 hours of squinting through her daughter's softball games. She made sure the crown wasn't Honest Abe tall, as she tells it, and made sure the rim has a lot of winsome floppiness - which also means your face & much of your hair will be safe. The hat is only $24.50, and in such a timeless style and print, it's sure to provide you with many seasons of fashion, fun, and protection.

Finally, look at this elegant but approachable cotton wrap skirt in a creamy tan and white print. Isn't it beautiful? Great for church, work, or just casual running around, it's sure to serve you well for years to come. It's knee-length and adjustable for waists from 27.5 - 33 inches and hips from 36-44 inches, all for $48. This skirt is summer's casual elegance at its best, don't you think?

In addition to wonderful pieces like these, Deciduous Soul offers handbags, jewelry, and mixed media art. I clearly liked many of her things, not all of which I could feature here, so be sure to pop on over!

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Blogger ellene said...

Jen, thanks so much for your wonderful review of my shop. I'm completely flattered! You have a beautiful blog here, and I'm going to keep my eye on your gorgeous finds~ thanks again, Ellene

Blogger Jen said...

You are so welcome! :)

Anonymous Laura J. said...

Aye! (For red doors, that is!)

And yes, the little pendant is cute, too! :)

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