Ephemeral Architecture

A-line skirts are undeniably one of the finest fashion inventions of all time. Flattering to every figure, they can be fun, sophisticated, ladylike, and are always swirly and pretty. While their hemlines have regrettably gone up in recent years (to the point we really can't call them 'skirts' anymore, though I'm not sure what they are), the traditional A-line hem typically hits just below the knee: long enough to be modest, but never frumpy or dowdy. They are perfect with sandals in summer, boots in winter, and are very easy to wear.

Not surprisingly, it was the great Christian Dior (I love, love, love the New Look) who introduced the A-line in 1956, just a year before his death. Sometimes they have darts, sometimes they don't. They can be embellished with ribbons, rickrack, buttons, even ruffles - or just left alone to their clean lines so you can embellish elsewhere.

Right now, you can get an A-line of your own (or a few) from Swank Creations. The handsewn $55 Flair skirt has an invisible zipper and yes, it still hits just below the knee on most wearers (22 inches from waist to hem). It's offered for waists from 25.5" - 32.5" and you can buy it in a plethora of fabrics - colourful 70s mod flowers, cowgirls, polka dots, little frogs on lilypads, tropics-dwelling parrots, Asian prints, pretty, stylized woodlands and bird prints, even a rickrack print. There are many to choose from, so definitely check out the selection for yourself. For an additional $5, you can add a wide grosgrain ribbon in your choice of colorus to the hem of your skirt for a more finished look.

Artist Rachael also offers a variety of handbags in her shop, all very chic and cute. This woman definitely has an eye for fabric!

And surely, we all owe Mr. Dior much thanks for this simple but wonderful fashion innovation.



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