Did lockets ever hold romance and mystery for you? I remember as a girl that a locket, capable of holding a picture of a loved one or perhaps a love letter, just seemed like one of the most wonderful things in the world. Certainly movies and television shows had something to do with my being enamoured of lockets, but I always seemed to see them on others and it was hard to resist (especially for a little girl!) asking what was inside them.

Ever since then, I have had a special affection for small things that hold other small things - because usually, small things worth keeping are primarily riches of the heart and not just treasures of monetary value.

This beautiful and fascinating box pendant made of carved bone is certainly unique among those things that can conceal wonderous treasures and elicit wild imaginations of romance, travel, and dreams. I don't thing I've seen anything like it before! Artist Kathy couldn't resist them herself, and bought quite a few to make gifts for her crafty friends, and has several listed for sale in her shop as well.

The box is 2 inches tall and an inch and a half wide, and it's large enough to hold things in. Kathy has strung this on a thin, chocolate-coloured cord, put a pretty golden bead above the box, and placed tassels on the end, which really adds to the exotic look of this piece.

Best of all, this lovely piece is just $10. That makes it great as a small treat for yourself or better yet, gift-giving to a friend - perhaps with a meaningful treasure inside or a verse or Scripture that will encourage or inspire them.

Kathy's shop, Dornick Designs, is full of interesting and beautiful jewelry. She is another artist who uses natural pieces - in her case, a lot of them! - and unique items like coins and pendants from other countries. From whimsical to pretty to exotically gorgeous, Kathy's shop has it all, and just perusing her collection of currently available work is a real pleasure.

Have a great night!

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Blogger Kathy Hardy said...

Awe ~ Thank you so much!!!! You make me sound so warm & fuzzy. Sweet ~ ♥

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