Fun Friday: Cute For Your Coin

Happy Friday! I hope you have a wonderful weekend planned. The new Harry Potter movie is out, of course (with the final book in the series due next week already - and we thought it wouldn't get here fast enough...), and Pixar's Ratatouille is garnering rave reviews (we've yet to see either film but definitely plan on it). There are several festivals and fairs going on here in Pittsburgh and around the country, and farmer's markets are in full swing too. It's the height of summer, so be sure to enjoy it!

As for your hyper-cute Friday indie, I saw these great handmade coin purses the other night while looking for something else and have been excited about featuring them. They're all from Christine of Studio X-Tine, who isn't just wonderfully creative but generous as well - she'll donate half the price of our two animal-bearing coin purses to Etsy For Animal's Charity of the month (this month, it's the British Columbia's Nelson Branch BCSPCA).

First we have the sweetly funky and retro Bird Watching In Space coin purse. The bird image is from a vintage repro cotton print, protected by clear vinyl and surrounded by red vinyl. The little bird with the jet-age space helmet is just so cute, isn't it? The back of the coin purse is all red vinyl with a black zipper, and the purse is 4.5" in diameter - this is also one of the Etsy for Animals charity pieces. Of the $14.50 price tag, half goes to an animal charity.

The other charity piece is obviously the little happy black cat coin purse, and this is one black cat who won't mean bad luck! Another piece made of vinyl, he features cute little pink ears and nose with button eyes and machine-embroidered whiskers. Obviously, he holds your parking and laundry coinage safely and securely in his little kitty mouth. $15.00, and again, a full 50% goes to an animal-supporting charity. Happy kitty is a little more than 4" x 4".

Finally, the $14.50 atomic atom coin purse is another little round coin purse, featuring a vintage reproduction cotton barkcloth again protected with glossy clear vinyl and set off by black vinyl front and back. The inside has been tautly lined black taffeta, too.

All of Studio X-Tina's good ship USPS first class, and I should note than in addition to several other for-charity items, she sells handbags, tees, skirts, and other items that all have a clean yet fun flair to them - so well done it's almost sneaky but clearly retro. It's a very fun shop.

Have a great weekend!

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Blogger Zabrina said...

Hi Jem,
Thanks for your comments last post on my journal..very nice of you!
I've seen these charities at Etsy. It's cool. I like the cat one. So cute!
Take care, have a nice sunday!

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