Hip To Be Mod

Isn't this mod hair scarf from Bubblegum Designs cute and sunny? In bright shades of turquoise, aqua, and yellow with subtle lime and lilac tones, it's an adorable, chic choice for a day at the beach, zoo, fair, or wherever you need to be. Use it to bedeck a ponytail or pull those sometimes-annoying wispy front locks that can stick to your face (or in that sunblock) on a breezy or muggy day. If your mane is good to go without it, why not use it as a belt or loosely tied neck scarf (during winter's dreary months, I'll bet this would look darling tucked into a V-neck sweater, don't you think?).

This scarf is 42" long, so I'm sure you can think of myraid other uses for its cheerful face. Best of all, it's a mere $6! Another well-priced reward for yourself or gift for a friend, or maybe to tuck into your "emergency gift stash" (no way am I the only one who has one of those). 'Tis never too early to start shopping for Christmas, and this would be a great stocking stuffer - actually, if someone has a birthday coming up, why not use this to make a pretty bow atop the gift? No need to use un-reusable ribbon, right?

This scarf as well as other goodies available from Bubblegum Designs.

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