Sky Blue Flowers

Isn't this pendant choker beautiful? Upon first sight, I thought it had to be some beautifully blue stone I'd never heard of before, but as it turns out it's a polymer clay pendant. Amazing colour, don't you think? I'm not sure if the flowers are painted on or actually made of the clay, but considering the versatility of polymer clay, we shouldn't be surprised to find it's the latter. From Ruth Tarragano's One Of A Kind shop on Etsy, this $26 pendant is strung from a leather string via a small ring of turquoise-coloured beads. The effect is very pretty and the palm-like leaves and blossoms on the pendant are delicately lovely. This is elegant enough to top off a dressy outfit but not so much that it will look out of place with a tee or casual cotton sundress.

Ruth is an Israeli artist who has traveled a great deal of Asia and spent quite some time studying various art forms after being brought up in an artistic family - it's so wonderful to hear of families who encourage such gifts, isn't it?

This as well as similar beautiful pieces of jewelry, traditional egg shakers (honestly, you have to take a look at them), home decor items and other trinkets are available from Ruth's shop.


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