Singularly Wonderful

Well, this has never happened before. Just as I was wrapping up my post about the item, it sold! Fortunately, there is a very similar pair in the shop, so I just have to swap out pictures and verbage. Funny...but a good sign.

Ohhh, how happy I am when something like this just falls into my lap (metaphorically speaking). These exquisite ivory flowerbud earrings are stunners, aren't they? It's the kind of thing anyone would be thrilled to receive as a gift - and honestly, I think giving it would be wonderfully exciting too, because nearly anyone you give them to will love them.

The beautifully, intricately carved ivory pikake flower buds are antique pieces culled from an old jewelry set and given new, contemporary life by Star Willow Studio. The artist has gently cleaned the ivory pieces before adding the rest of the ingredients to the earrings - a vintage cap of brass filigree handwrapped onto brass leverback hooks with a pretty, champagne-coloured glass pearl in between. I must say I wish these had been around for my 30s/40s vintage wedding, because these would be beautiful on a bride - but I guarantee they'll be just as lovely going on a dinner date, as an extra-feminine touch for wearing to the office, or any day you want or need that special final touch to make your day or keep you smiling. Honestly, what's the point of having something so beautiful if one only wears it for "special occasions"? Isn't every day a gift? I say wear them to the grocery store - they're bound to delight someone else, too, right?

These beauties, a mere $24, are available in a different earwire or even a shinier finish (the hooks have been antiqued) if you like. Shipping from Star Willow Studio is free - yes, free! - and Star Willow ships everywhere. Custom orders are welcome, but if you take a look at her shop - something I highly recommend you do - I don't think you'll find such work necessary. This is one exceptional artist, working as she does with vintage beads and other pieces to create some gorgeous, one-of-a-kind things certain to elicit "Ooooos", "Aaaaahs", and subtle hints to family and friends. Enjoy your browsing!



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