Fun Friday: Burnin' Ring of Fire. On Your Hand.

Well, this is a very festive ring, isn't it? The MIAcrazy Ring is from MIA Design and sold at Junk In Our Trunk is sure to get some really, really amazed looks from folks and possibly even start up some conversations. It will definitely take some boldness to wear, but I think once you put it on and get going you'll be glad you did - it's the defintion of good, clean fun, at least provided you don't stab yourself or someone else with the ring. Made of plastic and glass, there's only one left and it's on sale for $22.50. Sure to add a real spark to your evening, I think it's worth picking up and adding to your collection.

Have a great weekend, everyone! I have some rather exciting news, but will post it tomorrow while I'm watching the Whitney (I'll bet a couple of you can guess what it is...!). ;D

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