Fun In the Sun - Without the Damage

I was at my salon in Sewickley today, getting my hair cut, and was again somehow amazed by the number of people who colour their hair. This isn't an insult or anything, just an observation, because while often sorely tempted to dye my own red, dye has never touched my locks other than a couple of times I did highlights, and even that is rare. Honestly, I think it's just because I'm too worried it will turn out badly and I'll look like a sorry refugee from the Clairol experiment labs. And every hairdresser I've ever had has looked me square in the eye and said, "Jennifer, if we tried to dye your hair red, it would probably turn pink because you are a true blonde. It's a lot of work." It reminds me of the time a friend told me what would result to my body if I fell off a motorcyle - it left me with visions of skin grafts for weeks. No thanks.

Still, many of my friends and family get their hair coloured regularly, and I'm always fascinated by how it looks and the change it can make (since I worked in cosmetics for over 10 years, I shouldn't be surprised, but...I just am). One thing I do know about coloured hair is that it has to be treated with a little extra care, including being kept safe from the sun's evil rays, especially this time of year. I'm aware that not every woman does this, but really, it's a good idea to cover the hair with something while out and about in the sun - besides, if you wear the right kind of thing on your head, you'll protect the skin on your face from sun damage, too.

And how better to protect the locks and the face than with a cute hat?

Like this one, a vintage straw hat I stumbled across on Etsy and couldn't resist (it was wooing me even as I nosed around in other stores). I do wish our model were a bit more smiley, but even that can't keep me from letting you know about it. This hat was made by Conrad & Chandler, a classic, sophisticated but now defunct Boston department store, in the 1940s, and is charmingly stylish. The front brim is 3.5" wide - great for keeping the sun out of your eyes and off your face - and the back is a short, snappy 2.5" wide. The interior circumference is 20.5".

The classic $21 hat boasts a wide green and white ribbon (with equally pretty green and white edging!) around the crown, and it culiminates in a big, wide bow bedecked with pale peachy-ivory blooms.

I really like the shape of this hat, especially the completely flat top. Very chic. The whole look of the hat is very sweet and pretty, bringing back thoughts of bygone days and a time when hats such as this were commonplace.

This and other great vintage goodies are available at Thomasina Jewelry, where you will also be able to check out jewelry handmade by Dana, who, based on her profile, seems to have been displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

Have a great night!



Anonymous txmom2jami said...

Lovely hat, but you are absolutely right about the care and maintenance of coloured hair. I started going grey at a VERY young age (16). When I was, oh, 22 or 23 I guess, my friend and I went shopping at one of the local malls. Walking across the sunny parking lot, the hot Texas sun glinted off the silver strands in my once dark, dark brown hair and she said, "Girl, you have got to do something about that!"

I'd always loved "Anne of Green Gables," and since my hair had some auburn highlights, auburn was a good match. But red FADES quickly and requires special shampooing and care to last. I did it for many years, but as the grey hairs outnumbered the dark, my colourist told me the same thing as your stylist did: "You're going to look pink if we keep doing this." So now I am a dark blonde and I love it!

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