Lava Love Indeed

Mmmmm, turquoise and black. A classic (yet still decidedly retro) combination that has probably been popular with humans since the dawn of time. Sleek, chic, and purely beautiful, the two colours go so wonderfully together...there is a reason some classics are...well, classics.

Such is the case with this lovely lava love necklace from Wisconsin's Cari's Designs. Flat, round coinlike turquoise beads frame a large square of real lava. Talk about a conversation piece...how often does one get to wear something like this, a piece of jewelry whose focal point is a chunk of something that used to be ridiculously hot? The lava piece could be worn dead center or off to either side, whatever you like most, but no matter how you wear it, you are sure to enjoy doing so. Handmade with love and featuring sterling silver clasp, an extendable chain, and pretty silver seed beads between the natural stones, this $39 necklace adjusts from 16" to 18". One thing about turquoise is that (well, for me at least) it seems to match so many different things. I suppose this has a lot to do with one's wardrobe, of course, so that might just be my own experience, too...

You'll find a lot of natural stone pieces at Cari's Designs, featured in earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and other goodies. From brightly cheerful to sedately elegant, there's a lot to choose from and browse through!


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