Vintage Dresses are ALWAYS the Best!
What a find tonight - Paisley Vintage, an eBay shop dealing solely in vintage - and from the looks of it, solely vintage dresses! I love wearing dresses - they're pretty, extremely easy, feminine, and...well, easy. Just slip it on with some cute shoes and jewelry, and you're good to go, right? No need to try and coordinate things on a busy morning or before heading out at night.

A dress can be very 'dressy' or more casual, and accessories can take them in just about any direction. Wear them with sandals or slides - even girly sneakers if you must, I have seen it done - in summer and spring, and pair a dress up with some cute boots and perhaps a sweater during the cold winter months. There's a reason our grandmothers wore dresses much of the time, and it had little to do with a "patriarchy". Dresses are lovely, flattering, and perhaps best of all these days, easy to wear. Let's look at a few, shall we?

The first dress is this Eames-era rose dress, complete with always-chic pleats on the skirt. It's a flattering sleeveless dress with what I would call a bit of a boatneck, and printed all over with orange blooms. What I really like is how the pleats are spaced apart by unpleated fabric on the skirt - it adds a lot of interest, and of course this skirt will move beautifully. It's a 34 bust, 28 waist with free hips and 44" long - long enough to be ladylike but not so much that you'll be frying as you walk along looking footless.

This dress is going for $10.49 right now, but the auction ends tomorrow night - if you are interested, get it now!

Up next is this pretty, buttercup-yellow sheath dress with the most darling little ruffles along the bottom. It's just the cutest thing, isn't it? Simple but with those surprising ruffles. They're so playful and fun!

It fits a 36-34-36 and is 43" long. It zips up the back and has a slight V-neck - flattering and nice for keeping cool. The print is teeny tiny - it's flowers - so it's not just a wall of pale yellow, but has some real interest to it. It's pretty, it's modest, and it's a classic with a little bit of a playful kick. It's $7.99 right now - just $8?! - and the auction ends Friday night.

Now, one more - though there are plenty at Paisley Vintage. Another classic sheath, although this one is definitely a bit more serious with its clean, tailored look and the faux pockets in front. It's made of Eames-era tweed in a nice neutral colour, so it will be easy to mix your shoes and jewelry up with it for work or play. Really, this is kind of a blank-slate dress; elegant, pretty, classic, and flattering, and easy to accessorize nicely. The cut is, again, classic, very flattering and beautiful. It is listed for just $7.99, the auction ends Monday, and it measures 34-29-36.

Now, the nice thing about these dresses is that, yes, they are sleeveless. That means you can add a pretty sweater or tailored jacket without that annoying "bottom of the sleeve jammed into an uncomfortable place" situation. In other words, they are seasonally flexible. Hurrah!

All three of these dresses are among the really beautiful ones you'll find at Paisley Vintage. Have a great night!

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That orange dress is fabulous.

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