Beauty In Nature

It's a pretty rare person who doesn't find some, if not most, aspects of nature to be pleasing and calming to the mind and soul. Whether you go camping frequently, hike through the wild lands, or "just" work in your garden, it seems that spending time enjoying the natural world around us just makes us feel better. Even something as simple as a plant can help - study after study has found that having plants within view - even from the corner of your eye - in one's home or office helps the brain work better and improves one's mood. (In my humble opinion, every room in a house should have a plant of some sort. It just...helps.)

So why not bring a little nature into your day with these lovely Midair earrings from Intuitive Designs? The round, lightweight plastic discs are printed with one of the artist's original designs, then protected with a glossy varnish. The edges of each disc are carefully painted with silver to match the sterling silver-plated earwires. Pretty, aren't they? And only $18 prewrapped in a gift box, too! The pretty green colour is peaceful and relaxing - it makes me think of a day at the beach. The soaring bird only adds to the feeling of lightness, freedom, and happiness.

Intuitive Designs offers more beautiful, very pretty things in her shop - rings, pendants, stud earrings, necklaces, all with what is clearly her signature style - nature-focused art that is crisp and clean but still with a touch of whimsy and modernity. Enjoy your browsing - and stay cool! I'm wishing we were already in our new home so I could go run through the sprinkler. ;)



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