What A Peach...!

Oh, hurrah! We get the keys to our house tomorrow! We're so excited and can't wait to get in there. :) At last!

What a fun, pretty ring this is. Its main claim to cute is the potato peach pearl in its center, all wrapped up in sterling wire with smaller pearls in orbit around around it. The pearl is a real freshwater pearl in its natural colour - I've never seen one like this and think it's so unique. The warmth of it is really lovely and bound to be flattering.

The colour on this ring is subtle enough that it'll go with just about anything, and its style is one that can be funky for a night out with your friends or elegant enough for a night at the orchestra or a wedding or, for heaven's sake, when you just want to feel extra-special. Since that's something every lady deserves, I say go for it.

This exact ring is not available, but Mu-Yin Jewelry is happy to make one for you - of course, this also means you'll get it in your own size. Not a bad deal for just $15! Mu-Yin has more pearl rings and a nice selection of elegant natural jewelry, so be sure to check it out.



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Cool ring and great price too!

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