Just Add White Gloves
I must say, I think we're going to have a lot of gorgeous vintage dresses in real-world sizes in the coming weeks, all courtesy of the same wonderful eBay seller couldya*wouldya*inabox. I can't believe the beauties rolling out her shop, across the country and into the hands of lucky eBay shoppers. America is better dressed because this person snagged the inventory of an old clothing store - inventory that included an amount of deadstock (never-worn vintage) previously thought to be wholly mythological in nature.

Take tonight's dress. I don't even need to tell you that the colour is gorgeous and classic, but did you know turquoise is almost universally flattering? That pretty white collar is going to reflect more light onto your face, but snuggled up to the flower print the way it is, it won't wash you out. The shirtwaist bodice has pretty buttons all the way up front and a satin chrysanthemum on one shoulder (in keeping with the whole flower theme, you see). My favourite feature, though, is the fitted waist leading to a semi-circle skirt - as in it's almost a full circle, but not quite. The original belt is missing, but that's easy enough to remedy. Circle skirts are the best...especially in a print as lovely as this! *happy sigh*

This organza dress will fit an XL - 42-34-free hips. The tags to this beauty are still attached, and let me just say that if it were my size and easily alterable to fit me, it would be mine. The seller notes that the fabric has a slight pink sheen to it, but this is - I agree with her - probably a natural feature of the fabric, one that isn't as noticable when being worn.

Once again, this gorgeous frock starts at an insanely low price - $9.99. Ten dollars. Paying anything less than $75 for this may qualify as theft in some other universe, and possibly this one; with the auction ending next Tuesday (August 21), you have plenty of time to convince yourself to bid on this beauty and make her yours, yours, all yours.

No, I didn't think you really needed convincing, either.

Personally, I keep seeing this dress being worn with pert white wrist gloves, though the shoes are fuzzier in my mind - the gloves have apparently taken over the shoe portion of my mind! Shocking! This is perfect for a spring wedding, if you ask me, or Sunday service wherever you'd like to wear it, really. She's a knockout, and oh-so-flatteringly cut.

This is why modest can be chic, beautiful, and feminine. There's no need to pour (stuff?) oneself into something that leaves more exposed than is comfortable, much less ladylike and necessary (not to mention attractive). Granted, today's designers seem to be clueless about dressing women in a manner that's attractive yet still respectably covered, but that doesn't mean we must succumb and acquiese to their lack of vision and creativity, does it? Not when there are independent designers like Christa Taylor out there, a lot of wonderful vintage duds like this fantastic creature, and when sewing is making a comeback. If you can't sew, perhaps you know a friend or friend's mom who does (or who might love to teach you!); there are plenty of terrific, stylish, modest patterns out there, plus there's the whole aspect of customizability.

Honestly, apparel like this is far more flattering to all kinds of bodies anyhow, and even Paris Hilton dressed far more modestly when she had to make a good impression on the judge (who saw right through her act - so to speak - but you get my drift), hoping to gain some respect.

There's a reason the classics are classics, and this dress is one of them. Modesty (and the classics!) don't need to be frumpy, boring, or restrictive in style - it can be cheerful and extremely pretty.

Have a great night!

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