Fun Friday: Green Eggs & Bird

Finally, Friday! If you work at an ad agency like I did, it means you get to leave at 8 instead of 9. ;)

Tonight we've got two cute wallets from Rosybird. One features and egg and ham on a green field. IT's made of felt with a velcro closure and has two inner pockets. It's a fun one for a very compact wallet during nights out when you just feel a little too silly for your own good - and guys might actually like this one, too. $17.

There's also the luxurious canary wallet, also made of felt and hand embroidered with pearlized thread. A cute yellow canary sits atop a velvet ribbon, his button eye watchful for your hand reaching in to grab some necessity or other, or maybe even to show him off to friends (because he is just that cute, you know). He's $20, and from what I've read in the Rosybird shop, each design is available on different sized carriers...I'll bet she'd do passport wallets and the like for you as well, actually.

Both available from Milwaukee's own Rosybird, where you'll find all kinds of fun, whimsical, and very pretty things (check this beautiful purse out). If you're near Milwaukee, Rosybird is at the East Side Open Market on Saturdays from 10-2 until October, and she'll be at Chicago's Renegade Craft Fair coming this September.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Anonymous Felicia said...

Those wallets are adorable!

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