Perfect Summer Bangle

Michigan artist Marianna Boylan calls this Sleeping Beauty bangle bracelet "exquisite", and I have to agree. It certainly caught my eye, quite a feat considering it is just one of many beautifully crafted pieces in her shop. A beautiful large piece of sleeping beauty turquoise flanked by faceted smokey quartz, smaller turquoise beads, and copper freshwater pearls (I had no idea such a thing even existed). Silver spacers - they look Balinese, but don't quote me on it - provide texture and sparkle to the gems suspended on the bangle; the toggle clasp is hammered silver. The colours blend beautifully and the total effect is really lovely - especially considering the fact that typically, I wouldn't mix copper an silver. It's a really lovely piece, isn't it?

(And you know how I detest featuring an artist from my home state, right? ;D)

The $45 handmade bracelet fits a wrist slightly larger than 7", but for no additional cost Marianna will adjust the braceleet to your size. This is such a gorgeous piece - one you're sure to enjoy and treasure for years to come. You'll find plenty of beautifully designed jewelry - and even beads for your own use, all of them very cute - at Marianna's Star Girl Jewelry shop (there is more of her work here). She has really terrific, chic style that isn't so hyper-trendy your pretty jewelry will be languishing away at the bottom of the jewelry stash within a year.

Back to packing the apartment up for me. ;)



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