Bakelite Week

This is just such a unique piece I couldn't resist featuring it - it's a vintage Bakelite bracelet picked up by the seller at an estate sale. Mah Jong tiles and tiny Bakelite round beads come together in a piece that is fun, hip, and cheerful. As "they" say, it's all about the accessories, and this is an accessory sure to jazz up any outfit. If you ask me, it's perfect for a day like we're having today - dull, dreary, unseasonably cold and quite rainy. With the many colours in the bracelet, it can reasonably be paired with all sorts of things and bring a lot of brightness into your day.

This doubtlessly collectible vintage bracelet is $42 from Mountain Vintage, where there are plenty of beautiful vintage items and pieces of jewelry made from some really lovely beads gleaned from the owner's travels all over the States and her international shopping. There are several sale items in her shop right now, too, all of them fabulous, so be sure to check it out!

I'm thinking this is going to be Bakelite week, if only because we spend so much time running back and forth to the house and back that it'll make hunting treats down easier to narrow it down this way. ;) We spent Sunday tearing the lovely fake wood paneling out of the upstairs - we're turning it into our master bedroom. Thankfully, this is the only thing that had to be done with the house one could consider "major demo", and that only because the previous owner hadn't gotten to it yet - everything else is new (except the fab 50s-tile bathroom) and we'll just paint (until we decide to refinish the wood floors). Honestly, tearing out the paneling and moldings was kind of fun. I have some pictures of Rem checking out the new digs from Saturday night that I'll be posting to my Flickr soon. As you can imagine, they are all very 'action' shots, because Rem was excited too.

(Yes, go ahead and laugh at the thought of Glamour Girl tearing out wood paneling.)

I'm going to try and find something to soothe aching muscles, several of which I was unaware were necessary for home demo-ing. ;) Have a great night!

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