Flutter by, Butterfly...

First of all, your Remington-guided tour through our new house is up at Flickr. Nothing like seeing the world through the eyes of a kitty, right?

Continuing our Bakelite week (feel free to make suggestions regarding a possible theme for next week if you like!), tonight we'll check out yet another really unique piece. This brass/gold-toned collar boasts a piece of Bakelite carved to represent two fanciful butterflies on either side of a small bloom. According to the dealer Wired Vintage picked this piece up from, the teal bit is from the 30s, and I do think that the style looks about right for that - maybe even the 20s or early 40s.

This is a really beautiful and possibly rare piece of jewelry - but really, I'm more concerned with the fact that it is so pretty, so unique, and very nicely carved. It will look simply lovely with a button-up top or sweater, adding a sweetly feminine touch to your apparel for the day. The pendant itself is 2" across and $39.

At Wired Vintage, you'll find a collection of jewelry made from original and collectible vintage buttons and other pieces creator Beth finds as she searches for new and interesting pieces to make jewelry from. She also sounds very flexible as far as what she'll do with the buttons and other peices for you - pins, pendants, and so forth. If you like things with that elegant, rich vintage feel, this is the shop for you!

Have a great evening - you can guess what we're up to tonight. ;)

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Blogger Bejeweled said...

This is pretty! Love your idea of having a Bakelite week :)

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