Perfect Loveknot

This is such a neat piece, isn't it? This Bakelite button has been mounted onto a ringbase to make a love knot ring you can wear anytime you like. The sparkly gold 'rope' is particularly interesting to me, as I've never seen sparkly Bakelite before. There shape of the knot vaguely hints at being a flower, so it's got that feminine edge (in general, rope knots are not something generally associated with women's accessories, are they?). The ring is only $6.50 from Green Thumb Designs. I found this one interesting because of its uncommon style, but there are plenty more available - an owl, a fluttery scarlet flower, and a really neat coral swirl-like flower atop a creamy cabachon.

The artist and owner behind Green Thumb Designs (she has a cute blog, too) is a mom of three, and her shop is her full time business and indeed, the sole support for her family; you can rest assured each order is completed with care because she truly appreciates each purchase very much. This is one shop with oodles and oodles of vintage wonderfulness in hairpin, brooch, pendant, earring, and other starring roles, and if you love that sort of thing you're going to really like her shop, let me tell you. Earrings and rings are mailed in hard plastic containers to assure their safety, and everything is priced extremely well.

By the way, at the house last night - we're doing as much work as possible before moving in since we have our apartment until the end of September anyhow - we discovered we have beautiful wood floors beneath the carpet on the main level! Hubby started tearing it up in the room that will be my studio while I was busy organizing the kitchen. Our concern was that beneath the carpet would be a floor needing a lot of repair, something we didn't really want to deal with. Fortunately, it's not a problem. Whew! The less carpet the better (less dust). We've pulled it out of the two bedrooms and hallway and the floor looks great - all that's left is the living room, and we're sure that'll be lovely too. Large rug suggestions welcome. ;)

Have a great night!

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