“Twilight drops her curtain down, and pins it with a star.”

Well, I have no star with which you can pin down the night or even your scarf, but this Art Deco leaf pin should do nicely for you regardless. In cheerful red and butterscotch orange, it's perfect for late summer and early fall. The simply carved Bakelite leaf is set atop two rings of the same material, making for a simple, stylish accessory for your top, attached to your handbag or hat, or even pinned to the hem or waistline of your skirt for a little added oomph and colour. I like the lack of fussiness about this piece - some pins are just "too much", but this one is just perfect, don't you think?

It's just $20 from the appropriately named Vintage Plastic, where you'll find a LOT of vintage Bakelite pieces. The artist takes the vintage buttons and other pieces and creates what she calls a wearable collage, and each piece is individually signed, numbered, and comes in its own little pouch for safekeeping. Have a great night!

(Quote from L.M. Montgomery)

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Anonymous Laura J. said...

How perfectly "Anne" . . . I love L.M. Montgomery and the wonderful world of P.E.I. (Were Avonlea a real place, I would love to move there . . . as it is, maybe some day I can visit the island and soak up some of that wonderful inspiration Lucy Maud enjoyed!)

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