Oh My Gosh.

I have to tell you that my girlfriend Danielle would LOVE this, because she just loves Maneki Neko cats - not just because they're cute, but because she (a self-proclaimed Army brat) lived in Japan for some time and undoubtedly picked up on its influence.

This apron isn't exactly something you're likely to be wearing to the office or a dinner date, but it was too cute and fun to pass up. For the paltry pittance of $15, you can whip up supper, snacks or smoothies with kitties beckoning good fortune to you and your kitchen experiments. The apron has 4 pockets - trust me, when you are cooking in the apron, you'll appreciate them - and should fit just about everybody with its two 40" ties (an apron just isn't right when the back doesn't include a big, darling bow).

From Terryann Irasshaimase's shop, where you'll find equally dear aprons and other treats (from someone who, like my friend, also appears to be a military brat, based on her profile!). She makes not just aprons, but totes of all sizes, caps, and other household goodies.

Have a great night!



Anonymous Felicia said...

What a very pretty apron.

Blogger Bejeweled said...

I love this stuff too! Maneki Nekos, sushi, geisha .... what a blissful shop!

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