We're In! And, of course, pretty stuff.
Well, I'm a few days late, but we're pretty much settled into our new home. The upstairs isn't done - we need to put up another coat of mud then primer before painting - but thankfully, all of that heavy furniture is up there, courtesy of the movers I convinced Hubby to hire (Two Men and a Truck, if you're curious, and they did a marvellous job and were fun to boot). Remmy has settled in quite well, and he particularly enjoys following me down into the basement, an area of the home which holds great interest for him. So much so, in fact, that upon emerging from the cool cavern below, his famously white paws are nearly black with dust from all the exploring!

My studio is also nearly wrapped up. The Behr Honeydew paint has gotten rave reviews from everyone, the movers included, but best of all it makes me feel refreshed, cheerful, and creative. Much better than the back corner of an apartment!

The second bedroom is still a shambles - boxes, artwork waiting for walls to be painted and chosen, my bow and arrows carefully tucked into a corner - but things are beginning to look normal. Bonus? We got a 10% off coupon from Home Depot and Lowe's just for changing our address. That's going to help with the paint (earlier, HD gave us a 20% off $200 or more, and that saved us a real bundle on the drywall and related supplies, believe me). I'm not so stuck-up that 10% isn't worth taking advantage of, thank you. Particularly when we need about...ohhhh...ten to fifteen gallons of paint.

So, on to the cute, which is the reason we're all here, right? It's difficult for me to adjust to the idea of autumn. Summer is always too short, especially in the North where I'm from (Detroit) and the northeast...er...well, the climate we're in now here in beautiful West Virginia (it is SO pretty here). Also, the bright and sherbet-y colours of summer have always been my favourites to wear and decorate with. Granted, hockey season is about to start, as is the 2008 Triple Crown trail, but cold isn't my thing.

Still, fall is when we pull out the snuggly sweaters, tailored jackets, the fabulous boots, and the rich jewel tones begin to make their appearances once again. Trees return to a sun-dappled riot of warm colours and I can't help but love it even if it does mean I'll be spending the next six or seven months with frozen bone marrow.

So let's ease into it, shall we? You might have to indulge me in my affection for turquoise and lime and pink, but I'll do my best to start taking note of pretty, fall- and winter-friendly treats (a swishy skirt can be instant winter wear with the right foot and legwear).

Tonight I bring you this colourful shirred skirt from Creativegrrl. It certainly has the fall colours thing going, with golds, greens, yellows, tans, reds and a smattering of pink on an orange background. There's goldenrod trim at the ruffled waist, and it's not hard to imagine the many colours of sweater you can top this with for fall and winter - and in these colours, it's fine for summer wear, too. For winter, you may want to match this up with a black or dark chocolate sweater and boots. Frankly, some will say orange is inappropriate for winter, but winter's depressing and gloomy enough without restricting ourselves to the "approved" dark colours. Ugh. (Be an individual. Everyone will be secretly in awe of you.)

This cutie is listed as saying it will fit a "medium-large size body"; with the shirred waistline, that's probably about right, and it should fit marvellously. The creator has started making and selling these shirred skirts because she loves skirts, loves comfy clothes, and like most of us hates when clothing shrinks or isn't so forgiving after a weekend with friends and lots of delicious food. $28.

Again, I think this is a wonderfully versatile and pretty skirt that offers many options for wearing in addition to being well-priced and very comfy looking. Fashion is so often entirely unreasonable; it's nice to see reasonable clothing that's fashionable, too.

Have a great night, everyone!



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