Fun Fridays: Two Pretty Lovebirds, Sitting In A Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

This cheerily coloured tee from the Shana Logic shop is perfect for running to the store, topping a skirt for a casual day or evening out, or just chilling around the house. It's a fitted tee - honestly, who wants any other kind? - with the sweet little lovebirds screenprinted onto it by creator Kid Pirate. Just $18, the 100% cotton tee comes in sizes from small to extra-large.

(There's a darling brushed sterling silver bird necklace as well, made by another artist - it features a simple bird etched into the silver pendant, and might make a cute accessory for top.)

Another fun one is the rainy day tee - artist Kid Pirate must have a Cute Overload IV stuck into her arm at all times.

Do have a wonderful weekend. We'll be putting in overtime at the house, since we actually move in a week from today. There was a minor mishap in the studio - namely, I decided I didn't like the green I'd chosen and will be doing all four walls in the green I'd chosen for the accent wall. The accent green (Behr's bright and invigorating "Honeydew", if I recall correctly) has a lot of yellow in it, and the other green was too blue and it just looked so strange. Fortunately, the second green, the one that's too blue, goes beautifully in the hallway, which I'd planned to be a soft green anyhow. Thus, my studio is unfinished but the hallway is done, so it all worked out. We'll have to get more paint tomorrow when we pick up the 40 sheets of drywall. ;)

Next week may have some sporadic posting due to the proximity to our move and the fact that my parents will be in town helping out - that, and our internet here at the apartment is being shut down Wednesday night! Rest assured I'll be back full force a week from Monday.

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Anonymous Lindsay said...

Thank you so much for writing about Kid Pirate - you totally made my week! YArrrr!

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