Gather ye rosebuds while ye may...

I don't really wear a watch anymore, because if I need to know the time I've usually got my cellphone or car radio to tell me what time it is. The other reason I don't wear a watch is that they tend to be utiltarianly ugly, too nice, or perhaps worst of all, a bit juvenile.

All of that said, though, who would mind wearing a watch like this one from Moxie and Oliver? The brightly coloured hand-cut leather poppies (no roses, sorry for the misleading tease) riveted onto the dyed leather band turn what would otherwise be a very simple watch into something sweetly feminine. Despite my lack of attachment to wristworn timepieces, I have always liked square-faced watches, too.

Moxie and Oliver will size the band to fit your wrist, and they offer a snap or the traditional watch closure. $75.

I'm heading over to our house to paint my studio tonight (I decided on the pale lime green, if you remember the pictures stuck on the wall). We're actually moving in next weekend, and it's high time - all of my baking dishes are over there already, which mean I had to use my ingenuity to cook dinner tonight. ;)

Have a wonderful evening!

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