Moving In, Moving On...
The move-in to our new home is in full swing now, with Hubby an Dad putting up the drywall in our upper-story master bedroom. The ceiling took longer than they'd expected, so they're a bit behind, but I'll bet they can get it all done tomorrow. Mom and I decided on the colour for the living room as well as the front and garage doors; we also managed to narrow down the choices for the kitchen to three (finding a turquoise paint is much harder than you'd think). My studio is bright and happy in Behr's Honeydew, the hallway is lovely in its accidental colour - one that turned out to be a rather fabulous retro-toned pale green - and frankly, I'm kind of in stasis mode waiting for the movers to take the furniture over.

Our newly aquired vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster Deluxe (eBay!) is in a place of honour in the kitchen, its chrome gleaming happily away, and I can't wait to run it through its paces - we're giving my little sister her birthday gift when she arrives, or perhaps Saturday night (Friday is officially Moving Day, please pray for my sanity!), so I may whip up a pie for her in an attempt to find an excuse to use the new toy. Of course, I'll be whipping up big batches of cupcakes for our neighbors - we've met about half a dozen already, all of them very nice, friendly people. We're definitely moving into a wonderful neighborhood!

One place we're having issues with regarding decor and, in particular, wall colours, is indeed the under-construction master bedroom. I threw myself upon the mercies of Rachel over at Hue, and she's offered some really great ideas, and her readers have some good ones, too. The picture you see here is our bedroom as it stands now (well, stood...some things are already at the house). The whole scoop - the mood and feel we're going for and so forth - is at Hue. Feel free to throw in your suggestions as well, and be sure to bookmark Rachel's site- maybe I'm a bit more fascinated than most, as I worked at an ad agency prior to Pittsburgh and still dabble in marketing, but it's always a fun and often revealing blog. :)

I hope you're all having a great week!



Blogger Rachel said...

Hey Jen,
I can't wait to see what your bedroom looks like when it's done. And please do update us on the rest of your house colors. Perhaps you could take some before and after shots? It's so nice to know there's another color fanatic out there besides me!

Blogger Bejeweled said...

Move in day is almost here for you! yeah!! Hue is quite an interesting blog. My two cents is the wine purple :) LOVE the color/style of your bedroom!

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