Etsy Star!

The Intuitive Garden is today's featured Etsy artist (in fact, it may be all this week), and one quick spin through her shop easily tells you why this honour has been bestowed upon the artist. From the initial idea and drawing to the final steps of physical creation, everything at Intuitive Garden is clearly fashioned with passion, and beautifully so at that.

This Lovey Dovey pendant necklace falls somewhere between whimsical and lovely, with a bright red heart floating above the head of a dove's silhouette. The pendant itself is actually made from a photograph printed onto durable, "nearly indestructible" plastic and hangs from an 18" sterling silver-plated snake chain. I like the subtle texture of the pendant - kind of sandy, if that makes any sense; it adds interest and depth to the piece. Very sweet and charming, don't you think? Great for everyday wear or as a gift to a friend - or, if you're a gentleman with an interest in a wonderful lady, this might be a fine way to express your feelings.

$17 at The Intuitive Garden.

Have a wonderful night!

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