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Linda Trent has been making and selling her beautiful, artistic jewelry for some time, and it's a pleasure to peruse her site just to see what she's been up to. From her mountainside home in California, she brings us these simple brushed silver drop earrings. As she suggests, these are classics that will go with everything, and I don't doubt her for a moment when she says you'll be reaching for them regularly, like your favourite jeans, most snuggly sweater, or the familiar ease of your "I'm just bumming around the house tonight with my favourite book and a mug of hot cocoa/cup of ice cream/preferred wine" jammies.

For $40, you're going to get a lot of mileage out of these earrings - and since it's Linda's 10th anniversary and she's giving away $25 gift certificates with every order this week, good toward your next purchase from her shop. Thus, you're really getting these earrings for just $15. Quite a deal, don't you think?

Now, if you like something at Linda's, I highly suggest you buy it right away, having loved and lost things I've seen on her site before because I figured I'd wait (or give hints to my dear husband). Fortunately, she's always coming up with beautiful new designs, so you're certain to find something else you like just as much, if not more.



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