Fun Fridays: It's That Time of Year Again

Last night, darling Hubby came home with a surprise - tickets to see my beloved Red Wings play a preseason game versus the hapless PIttsburgh Penguins this weekend. Hockey is not his favourite sport - he's a baseball and football man - so I truly appreciate the sacrifice he's made for me (he'll watch a little horse racing with me on big race days as well). Therefore, I thought it would be quite apropos to feature something octopus-themed, as octopi and the mighty Wings have a history going way back. Had I known we were going sooner, I'd have made another octopi to toss onto the ice in Pittsburgh - it's not unusual to see cephalopods hitting the ice even at away games.

This cute octopus pendant seems to fit the bill, as he's holding a heart out to you, doing his best to charm you into making him your very own. One-of-a-kind and hand-sculpted, he dangles from your neck — or your rearview mirror, cubicle wall, over the sink, or wherever you like — via a ball chain. $28 from Texas' own Lucy Blue Studio.

I can't guarantee I won't be doing more octopus-themed nights, because I really am a Wings fan. ;)

Have a marvellous weekend!

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Blogger Jen said...

Thanks for putting my octopus on your blog. Sounds like you have a sweet hubby.

Anonymous Felicia said...

That octopus pendant is adorable!

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