Let the Dunder-Mifflin bells chime out your love...

Yes, we're "Office" fans, too. ;D

The colours on this bracelet are really pleasing to the eye and cheerful to boot. Several years ago, a study (how seriously we can take any study, I'm not sure) came out reporting that wearing green and red together actually lifted one's mood, as well as the mood of those around them. I do know that just looking at a bright, springy green lifts my spirit, and if paired with red, the vibrancy perks me up and encourages my own creativity.

The red stones on this are carnelian, which was used to make signet rings during Roman times. It also appears in cameos, was used to decorate the robes of Egyptian royalty — along with lapis lazuli and turquoise, carnelian was used most often in Egypt. The green stones are olive jade, and the silver flower adds just the right touch. Just $22 from ChickRocks, a shop full of fresh, modern jewelry made from natural stones.

By the way, if you like carnelian - which is really beautiful in real life, my sister gave me a carnelian necklace for Christmas a couple of years ago - be sure to take a peek at these pretty, fun earrings, too!



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